The Drink Store

Daddy typically takes Alyssa to school almost every morning.  And, almost every morning we go through a similar routine:

Alyssa: (whining) Mommy, I want you to take me to school today.

Mommy: Honey, I’m late, I can’t.

Alyssa: (Still whining – and louder) Will you get me dressed?

Mommy: (flustered because I’m late) Okay, but get out of your Jammas for me and I’ll help you.

Alyssa: (still whining) But I want you to do it!

Mommy (very frustrated):  Alyssa, pllleeeaaasse, just get undressed!

Alyssa (crying): WWAAAAHHHHH!   But I want you….

Mommy: Alyssa, I can’t take you.  We have to plan these things.  I’ll take you tomorrow. I will help you get dressed though.

Alyssa:  Complete MELTDOWN! (but she finally lets me dress her)

Daddy:  Alyssa, how about I take you to the drink store (Chevron)?

Alyssa:  (smiling – smugly). Okay.

When Daddy takes her to the drink store, she usually cons him into getting some $5 juice box that she either doesn’t finish before getting to school, or doesn’t even like.   Today, Daddy was able to get by with just giving her a cookie this morning, which she both liked and finished before she got to school.  I’d be mortified if they knew what she ate in the morning!  I guess we have to pick our battles.  At least she gets her vitamins, right?  That’s the only way to justify her diet of yogurt, cookies, cereal, cheese, and macaroni and cheese.  And chicken nuggets – but not for breakfast (that one is for you, Elaine!!).  Of course, her daycare might know her eating habits now, but I seriously think only 2 of my friends actually read my blog, so I’m probably safe.

Anyway, my husband just left for the gym, so I knew I didn’t have to rush to make dinner.  So instead, I sat down and created something for you.  This card is made from the new Miracle level 2 paper pack from CTMH. I LOVE this paper.  It’s so versatile and the colors are beautiful!  I used a SU border punch, the new kraft color ready (self-stick) borders from CTMH (uncolored), a large flower punch from Paper Shapers, a sparkle brad from CTMH, and the sentiment is from the new Card Chatter Birthday stamp set from CTMH, stamped in Chocolate. I finished off the inside of the card with a stip of paper along the top and stamped the second half of the a sentiment.

...and the inside of the card

Thanks for looking today!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roberta Castaneda
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 21:08:20

    Dani – I loved your story (and your card)!


  2. Anita
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 09:25:23

    Loved the story about my granddaughter-not even five and has her parents wrapped around her little finger!! Just wait until she is fifteen!!


  3. Kim
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 07:08:25

    Hahaha! Good post Dani…and what Mommy doesn’t go through that exact same routine!! We’ve all been there! LOVE the card!! You are sooo talented!


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